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EMBASSY SUITES & ROOM ASSIGNMENTS New Location New Possibilities The Kentucky Shoe Buying Mart will be held on the second floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lexington, KY.  There are 41 rooms which have windows facing towards the walkway & atrium.  This will allow exhibitors to display some samples in these windows for retailers to view as they pass by in the walkway.  Suite 238 does NOT have a window. There are also six rooms that we consider the be Boardrooms.  None of them have inside windows, but are larger and can be rented by exhibitors who need the extra space to show all their samples.  These six rooms do cost extra and need to be rented for all three days, in addition to the sleeping rooms. Download the Embassy Suites Hotel Room Chart Looking at the Room Diagram, the main entrance is at the bottom of the chart.  The Hotel’s Front Desk is below suite 201 and the KSTA Registration Desk for both the exhibitors and the retailers is below Suite 204.  Near the center of the diagram is an icon showing the elevators.  Going straight back from the entrance are the main stairs.  At the top are four Boardrooms, Lexington, Paris, Georgetown and Versailles.   These four rooms may have boardroom tables that cannot be removed, but the chairs can be taken out.  These each cost $150.00/day ($450.00 total) in addition to the nightly rate for a sleeping room, plus tax. At the bottom of the second floor chart you will find rooms 211 & 251.  We consider these to be boardrooms, but is fact they are two bedroom suites.  The larger living room  make them perfect for larger lines and will be our first choice for assignment to these rooms.  If there are less than six exhibitors requesting Boardrooms we may consider two exhibitors carrying the same brand (i.e. Men’s plus Women’s). Exactly how we are going to handle these rooms has not been decided at this time.  Continuing our tour of the Room Diagram: Rooms 219 & 220 overlook the area of the atrium where each night (at least Sunday & Monday) after the Mart closes there will be a Manager’s Reception for exhibitors and retailers.  Below suites 226 & 227 is the Clark Room.  This is right next to the area where the Manager’s Reception will be held and it is where we expect to have the KSTA Hospitality Suite. Public restrooms are on the first floor near the main stairs. The Embassy Suites requires that room reservations be made through a special link that has been set up specifically for this market.  This is for both exhibitors and retailers.  Since the hotel will not be assigning rooms, we suggest that you wait until after you receive your room assignment. Please remember to take out an add space in our new color Buyer’s Guide